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I'm a little bit confused of all that happens in the world. Make love not war! Слава нації!
“I am really worry about Ukraine, you are fighting alone.”
— asked by finnmartha

Thank you. Yeah, nobody cares about us. And nobody helps. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

“Hey.. I love ur blog. U are ukraine right?”
— asked by Anonym

Hey, thanks anon. And yeah, I’m ukrainian. 

One of the funniest Iker Casillas commercials (Iker vs fangirls in elevator)


when you’re eating in front  of your crush


Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot (1959)

English is not my native language.


So everytime I type something wrong or use the wrong word or the wrong tempus or grammar etc. I always get paranoid that someone who has english as their native language, will read what I wrote and spot all the mistakes I made and think, “Is she stupid or something??” or “Daamn, her english is horrible, I am never going to speak to her”.




Thats right. Please no touchy hair!

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Watching players on your team get hurt



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